Where can I buy FERNO products?
FERNO products are available across the globe. Contact Us to learn more.

Are your products available worldwide?
Yes! Our solutions are available around the globe. Visit our Contact Us page for United States and International contact information.  

Who is my local FERNO Sales Consultant?
Fill out this form, and your local FERNO Sales Consultant will reach out to you. You are also welcome to contact our Customer Service Team

Do you offer onsite product demonstrations?
Yes! Contact your FERNO Sales Consultant today to schedule a free product demonstration and experience the FERNO difference.

Do you have a product catalog?
Yes! Please visit our catalog page.

Do you offer financing options?
Yes! Visit our FERNO Financing page to learn more.

Do you offer training for proper product usage?
Yes! Visit our YouTube page to view training videos or contact a FERNO Sales Consultant to schedule an onsite training session.

How can I request maintenance on my FERNO product?
Preventative maintenance, maintenance service, and repair service is available nationwide through EMSAR, FERNO’s authorized service provider. Visit our EMSAR page, contact our Customer Service Team or reach out to your local FERNO Sales Consultant for assistance.

Where can I buy replacement parts?
Replacement parts are available through EMSAR, FERNO’s authorized service provider. Visit our EMSAR page, contact our Customer Service Team, or reach out to your local FERNO Sales Consultant for assistance.

Do you offer maintenance education?
FERNO’s Cot Care Training Program provides agencies with comprehensive training for self-service maintenance of FERNO ambulance cots, stair chairs, and other equipment. Conducted at FERNO's global headquarters in Wilmington, Ohio, or on site at your agency, this program instructs and authorizes staff to perform FERNO equipment maintenance. The Cot Care program is available in a three-day repair program or a one-day maintenance program. Visit our Cot Care page to learn more.

Do you offer equipment warranties?
All FERNO products carry limited warranties. For detailed warranty information, visit our Legal, Purchasing & Warranty page.

What is your commitment to product quality?
We are dedicated to providing high-quality products that transform emergency care, making it safer for everyone. To learn more about our long history of providing quality products, visit our History page.

Is FERNO regulated by the FDA?
Yes. FERNO is a manufacturer and distributor of medical devices. Businesses involved in the production and distribution of medical devices intended for use in the United States are required to register annually with the FDA. This process is known as establishment registration (Title 21 CFR Part 807). FERNO is an active registered establishment with the FDA under Establishment Registration Number 1523574. FERNO Australia, FERNO Canada, FERNO Slovakia, FERNO Italia, Traverse Rescue, and Spiracle are also registered with the FDA.

Are FERNO products listed with the FDA?
Yes. Registered establishments must list their medical devices with the FDA. Ferno-Washington's current product offerings include: Wheeled Stretchers, Hand Carried Stretchers, Non-Powered Traction Apparatus, Inflatable and Non-Inflatable Splints, Patient & Protective Restraints, Infusion Stands, and Cardiopulmonary Board. FERNO group companies also have multiple product listings.

Is FERNO regulated by other global regulatory requirements?
Yes. As a global medical device manufacturer, FERNO utilizes multiple resources to ensure we are in compliance with global regulatory requirements as well as country-specific requirements.

Is FERNO ISO certified?
Yes. Copies of FERNO’s Certificate of Registration are available upon request.

Does FERNO have testing criteria?
Yes. Testing criteria is dependent on the regulation and/or destandard FERNO is certifying compliance to. There are dozens of standards that FERNO follows, depending on the region in which the medical device is sold, and each standard is published by a committee similar to ISO. These include entities such as SAE International, the Ambulance Manufacturers Division (AMD), the British Standard European Norm (BS EN), and many other global or regionally based organizations.

Does FERNO establish testing criteria?
Yes. FERNO tests products specific to the emergency transportation industry. All are designed based on consensus of standards, comparisons to other products, (benchmarking) with a history of success, comparisons to field data (retrospective review), gathering needs from the customer (Voice of the Customer – VOC) and Emergency Medical Service Providers (EMSP), validation of our testing, review of any complaint data, inter-laboratory comparisons, and historical precedence.

What tests does FERNO utilize to ensure lifecycle testing?
Throughout FERNO’s design process, testing requirements for each new product are developed to address specific needs. These are gathered in a formalized test plan. This test plan is built based on the information in at least three documents:

  1. Product Requirements- in which specific user needs are documented
  2. Product Specifications- in which specific design needs are documented
  3. Risk Management- (ISO 14971) in which testing verifies a reduction in the likelihood of a potential predetermined failure occurring
All tests are product specific and may not pertain to all products. Some examples of lifecycle testing may include: vibrational-based tests, cyclical unloading/loading tests, electrical testing, actuator and other moving parts cyclical testing, stretcher up/down cyclical testing, thermal cycling testing, and subassembly level cyclical testing (i.e., casters, bails, button actuation, etc.).

How can I become a FERNO dealer?
Interested in becoming a FERNO distributor? Please Contact Us

Still have questions? Contact Us – we’ll be happy to answer them.