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The PRO 28Z Chair Cot—a modern redesign of the classic 28Z PROFlexx®—provides exceptional maneuverability and stability.

With its specialized ZFrame™ Advanced Positioning, the PRO 28Z transforms from a cot to a chair so that you can easily navigate tight hallways, narrow staircases, and elevators—all without transferring the patient. The PRO 28Z is compatible with the FERNO iNLINE® Fastening System for SAE-compliant safety in the ambulance. 

All Features and Benefits

ZFrame Advanced Positioning enables the PRO 28Z to transform from a cot to a chair for ultimate maneuverability in confined spaces

SAE J3027 compliant with iNLINE Fastening System for in-ambulance safety

Also available in configuration for use with the ratchet-style FERNO Model 173 Cot Fastening System (non-SAE compliant)

Most compact chair cot on the market, with a footprint of only 47” x 25” in the chair position

One-hand release mechanism quickly and easily switches the PRO 28Z between three locked positions: Chair, intermediate, and cot

TipRESIST Advanced Stability technology provides 68% more tip resistance in the seated position*


Swing-up undercarriage allows easy roll-in loading and roll-out unloading (“One-man” loading and unloading is possible when the cot is empty, but two operators are always required during patient transports)

Pneumatic backrest adjusts between 0° and 85° to allow patients to maintain an upright torso position or lay flat

Swing-down sidearms provide patient security and comfort and can be folded out of the way for patient transfers

SAE-compliant FERNO X-Restraints are color-coded for ease of use

SX Surface Xtenders™ (optional accessory) increase the patient surface area by 95%, giving a greater feeling of comfort and stability

All-metal frame construction provides strength, durability, and performance with heavy patients 2-piece locking mattress has articulating segments to adapt to each position

Two 6-inch swivel wheels and two 6-inch stationary wheels provide easy rolling and superior steering control

Backrest-mounted equipment hook holds equipment weighing up to 50 lb


Tested in a controlled environment to 10+ years of service

2-Year Warranty (Ask your FERNO representative about our extended service agreements)

Optional flip-out lift handles provide additional grip points

Cross-Platform Capability

The iNLINE Compatibility Kit allows you to secure the PRO 28Z to the iNLINE Cot Fastening System, making it SAE compliant. The PRO 28Z is also compatible with the Model 173 Cot Fastening System.

ASK US how you can use the PRO 28Z Chair Cot and iNX® Integrated Patient Transport & Loading System with the same fastener. Save money and gain the flexibility to select the right patient transport solution for the call without switching vehicles!



The PRO 28Z has been designed to meet international test standards for you and your patients.

  • SAE J3027 & J3043
  • BS EN 1789
  • KKK-A-1822F
  • NFPA 1917
  • AMD 004
  • IP56


96 lb
Load Limit
700 lb
8 in

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