The iNLINE Cot Fastening System is designed to protect your crews and patients in the event of an accident and is fully compliant with ambulance safety requirements from the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

The iNLINE fastener’s unique track prevents cot drift and eliminates the need to steer the cot when loading and unloading. The iNLINE can also accommodate extreme loading and unloading approach angles or vehicle incline.

Three lengths available:

  • Small: 86 in | 2184 mm
  • Medium: 95 in | 2424 mm
  • Large: 102 in | 2584 mm

All Features and Benefits

  • Integrated Charging System (ICS®) provides in-fastener charging to the iNX
  • Designed to securely retain the iNX® Integrated Patient Transport & Loading System
  • In-line design guides the cot when loading and unloading, eliminating the need to steer
  • Fits FERNO Stat Trac® and Stryker Power-LOAD® floor plates for interchangeability between vehicles
  • Aluminum construction is impact-resistant 
  • Powder-coated finish provides durability and protection from dirt and fluids
  • Removable for cleaning (power-washable), disinfecting, and maintenance
  • One touch tab provides easy release from fastener
  • Built-in safety hook ensures that cot remains secured while operators raise or lower the undercarriage during loading or unloading
  • Multiple lengths are available to accommodate different vehicle sizes


The iNLINE has been designed to meet international test standards to increase safety for you and your patient.
  • KKK-A-1822F
  • SAE J3027
  • NFPA-1917
  • CAAS GVS v1.0
  • EN-1789 and 1865
  • AS/NZS-4535
  • IEC 60601-1
  • IP56


72 lb
9.5 in
4.5 in
86 in

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