POWERX Powered Ambulance Trolley

Designed for use in vehicles with a tail-lift or ramp, POWERX is ergonomically designed for enhanced handling and maneuverability, making it easier and safer to operate. Powered to minimse manual handing injury risks, POWERX is configurable to differing needs, feature-rich in design and boasts a range of features and benefits.

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All Features and Benefits

  • Reduced weight makes it easier to manoeuvre and contributes to a reduction in overall vehicle weight and subsequent fuel consumption
  • Lighter in design, easier to clean and to maintain
  • Simple-to-use controls ensure easier operation and handling
  • Easy to store push poles on all 4 corners
  • Quick recharge, long-lasting lithium-ion battery technology
  • Enhanced infection control with wipe-clean mattress & restraints using anti-bacterial materials
  • Offering configurability and flexibility; from frontline A&E use, to specialist care, to bariatric, POWERX is configurable to many different applications and needs
  • Patient Surface can be extended to 37.2 in (945 mm) width along the full length of the trolley, using Split-Scoop patient surface extender kit, allowing Scoop EXL split in half to be quickly and easily atathxed to each side of the trolley. 

Standard Features

  • Push-Poles head & foot-end
  • Directional Wheel Locks at head-end
  • Wheel Brakes on all 4 corners
  • Anti-Bacterial Pressure-Reducing ABPR Mattress
  • Wipe-Clean Biosafe Restraints
  • MCF Winch-Link Connection
  • Emergency Manual Lower Release Handle

Optional Features 

  • Lateral-folding Cotsides
  • SX Surface Xtender™ Cotsides
  • Side Lighting
  • Latching Backrest Monitor Hook 
  • CD/ZA O2 Cylinder Holder
  • Webbing i/o Biosafe Patient Harness


  • A range of add-on accesories also available for use on POWERX, such as 3 stage IV pole, side-fixing manoeuvring handles, PacRac+ Equipment mount table, stowage net, etc.   

For use with the following in-vehicle lock options

  • Standard 2-Part Lock
  • LHS Operated 2-Part Lock
  • NMI 2-part Track Lock
  • LHS Operated NMI 2-Part Track Lock
  • Unwin 2-Part Track Lock
  • LHS Operated Unwin 2-Part Track Lock
  • SlideLock


  • EN 1789, EN 1865, CE, AS/NZS 4535:1999



Load Limit
881.8 lb
22.4 in
34.7 in
75.9 in



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