Patient Surface Extender Kit for Scoop® EXL

Part #009008250


Ferno’s Split-Scoop Surface Extender kit enables a Scoop EXL to be attached to a POWERX, iNX or Mondial trolley, thereby giving an enhanced-area patient surface for the transportation of larger patients, making for a clinically and operationally safer and more comfortable journey.

Quick and easy to attach, the Split-Scoop kit gives an increased bariatric capability to a standard ambulance trolley, enhancing the bariatric capability of the ambulance fleet, reducing the need for as many dedicated bariatric trolleys and vehicles.

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All Features and Benefits

  • Quick to deploy, giving immediate bariatric capability
  • Enhanced patient comfort, safety and clinical condition during transport
  • Reduces the need for dedicated bariatric trolleys
  • Kit takes up little space in vehicle, easy to store & lightweight
  • Cross-compatible with many of Ferno range of ambulance trolleys (POWERX, iNX & Mondial)

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