SlideLock™ 150 mm

Part #056172475

SlideLock™ Locking Device provides quick reconfigurability of an ambulance to allow bariatric trolleys with extended cotsides to be easily and safely transported, without the need to physically remove and refit the floor lock from side to centre position in the vehicle.

Utilising a linear slide that is mounted into the vehicle floor, SlideLock can be slid from one position to another with speed and ease, without the need for tools, simply locking in place once moved to the other position.

Based on Ferno's 2-Part Lock system, it is fully comaptible with all trolleys utilising Ferno 2-Part lock system.

SlideLock 150 gives slide movement of 150 mm from side to centre position. Also available in 255 mm and other slide-width position distances, according to vehicle size and layout.

Compatible with Ferno ambulance trolley ranges including Falcon, Pegasus, Megasus, Harrier, POWERX, CCT & ITU.

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All Features and Benefits

  • Cross-compatible with Standard and Tracklock 2-Part Lock systems
  • Also available in 225 mm wdith and bespoke according to specific vehicle requirements


EN 1789, CE

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