Vertical Rescue Stretcher (VRS)/ Traverse Rescue Stretcher (TRS)

Part #0374916

The Rescue Stretcher's roll-up, compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for high angle, confined space, horizontal or vertical rescue. When deployed the stretcher wraps around and becomes rigid to give the patient a feeling of security as well as protecting limbs and body from further injury during evacuation procedures. The Vertical Rescue Stretcher is fitted with many carry handles as well as six lifting slings that provide a good variety of options for transportation and lifting. Also supplied standard is an integrated, comprehensive, color-coded full body restraint system that includes a padded head restraint, six over body restraints, shoulder and groin straps along with a generous foot strap to assist with vertical lifts. When not in use the TRS rolls up and is easily housed within the Cordura storage bag which doubles as a backpack. Also available in military colors.

VRS/TRS 6-Point Lift Bridle

For convenience and faster deployment, the optional VRS/TRS Lift Bridle features 6 adjustable, color-coded arms which are clearly identified to ensure correct placement. Rated to 25kN.


18 lb
Load Limit
772 lb
38 in
80 in

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