Scoop EXL TSL Extenders

Part #0832274

The TSL Extender allows you to widen the surface area of the Scoop EXL Stretcher for transferring physically larger patients.

With a safe working load of 227 kg and adjustable length, the Scoop EXL is capable of carrying a range of patients, from young to old, small to large. When attached to the head-end, foot-end, or at both ends, the TSL Extender accessory allows the Scoop EXL Stretcher to be extended in shape and width to accommodate larger body shapes and sizes. Sold individually.

All Features and Benefits

  • Allows you to accommodate patients of all sizes and increases stretcher support and maneuverability for larger patients
  • Great for use in sports or bariatric scenarios
  • Easy to apply—TSL extenders simply clip in
  • Flexibility of use—can be used at head-end, foot-end, or at both ends

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