Rescue Boat Sea Scoopa


Designed for the rescue and retrieval of a patient overboard in a horizontal or vertical position, Sea Scoopa enables two crew members to complete the rescue operation without entering the water. Favoured by coast guard and water rescue agencies, the Sea Scoopa includes an integral stretcher that clips on to the rescuers’ safety harness, allowing the patient to be stretchered immediately after water retrieval. This eliminates unnecessary handling of the patient.

All Features and Benefits

1 Scoop the patient 

The SeaScoopa deploys in under two minutes. The bright, reflective net has a rigid outer batten with floats and handgrips to aid lifting. The crew hold this batten away from the vessel with two poles attached to its fore and aft ends to form a scoop shape. Capture the patient while the boat is in motion and has steerage. SeaScoopa’s unique patented scoop net prevents the patient from being swept out the aft end during capture.

2 Lift from water

Once scooped and netted, the patient is brought on board using a rolling and lifting motion called parbuckling by two crew – first using the handgrips on the outer floating batten, then the six handgrip sets incorporated in the body of the net. SeaScoopa’s design and 2:1 mechanical advantage of the rolling lift reduces the lift load by 50%, improves the operators’ lifting techniques, reduces their risk of back injury and is better for the patient by reducing the risk of circulatory collapse during the rescue process.

3 Stretcher the patient

The patient is received into SeaScoopa’s integrated, lightweight stretcher once he or she is raised over the gunwale. The outer pole of the stretcher is supported during this process by clipping onto the rescuers’ life jacket D-ring. The inner side of the stretcher is then detached from SeaScoopa’s net by releasing two snap shackles and the patient is either lowered to the deck or transferred elsewhere after being restrained to the stretcher.


44 lb
Load Limit
661 lb
81 in
175 in

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