Res-Q-Mate Litter

Part #FWE2060

•Res-Q-Mate litter with optional shoulder harness and carry handles
•Specially designed for use in restricted-access areas, including building collapse, mine rescue, quarry accidents, high-angle rescue, and confined-space rescue
•Constructed of quality synthetic materials and stainless steel
•Resistant to rot and corrosion, unaffected by long-term storage
•Easily adjustable color-coded restraints secure the chest, thighs, and lower legs
•Impervious to water, oil, grease, and other petroleum products
•Four-point lifting bridle is fixed in length for even weight distribution and supplied with four lightweight carabiners
•NATO Stocking Number: 6530-66-158-4325

All Features and Benefits

Optional Features

  • Carry handles
  • Shoulder harness


38.5 lb
Load Limit
397 lb
11 in
4/7 in (Packed)
73 / 39.5 in (Packed)

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