iNX® Incubator Transporter

When it comes to transporting infants, the iNX Incubator Transporter is best in class. Suitable for air and ground transportation, the iNX IT eliminates lifting for caregivers and provides a level, stable surface for any kind of incubator.

All Features and Benefits

•Maintains a level patient surface at all heights during loading and unloading
•Dual powered actuators provide 700-lb unassisted lift capacity, effectively eliminating lifting
•Customizable to carry most brands or models of incubator
•Simple one-touch operation
•Integrated Charging System available with iNLINE® Fastening System, eliminates battery management
•Certifications: EN 1789, AS/NZS-4535, IP56, SAE J3027, KKK-A-1822, IEC 60601-1, NFPA-1917, CAAS GVS v. 1.0


208 lb
Load Limit
700 lb
24 in
49 in
81 in

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