The FERNO XT Pro is a revolutionary half-size backboard designed for rapid extrication and spinal immobilisation in confined space areas and other critical situations. It can accommodate a wide range of patients and clinical protocols including pediatric, special needs, bariatric, and pregnant women.
Made from carbon-fibre, it is lightweight but robust. Available in different models according to recue needs, including capability for lifting (XT Pro) and use in water (XT Floating).
Upgrade kits also available to add Pro and Floating functionality to a standard XT board.

All Features and Benefits

  • Allows for the correct immobilization of the spine, and can be upgraded with the supplementary kits at any time for other applications/use
  • Fast car extrication: Less than 20 seconds with simplified application procedure
  • Easy application with four high-visibility color-coded restraints and buckles, QHI Quick Head Immobilizer, and a smooth surface that slips behind the patient
  • Maximum safety with total patient spinal immobilization
  • Convenient extrication with four carrying handles
  • Lightweight composite fiber board
  • 100% radiolucent
  • Easy to decontaminate
  • If you already have an XT, you can update it to the PRO and FLOATING version thanks to the special kits


4.4 lb
Load Limit
352.7 lb
11.8 in
2.4 in
32.7 in

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