35X-NM PROFlexx Cot

Part #0015788

The 35X-NM PROFlexx Cot is a flexible, durable medical gurney designed for use in magnetic resonance environments of 3 Tesla or fewer and can also be adapted to transport patients in a ground-based ambulance.  

The 35X-NM PROFlexx Cot's strong, carefully engineered frame offers exceptional strength and stability. A five-position drop frame reduces the cot’s length by up to 15 inches for movement in confined spaces. Each of the 35X-NM PROFlexx’s four swivel wheels have wheel locks, helping to keep the gurney stretcher stationary during patient transfer and certain medical procedures. 

All Features and Benefits

  • Rated MR conditional for use in magnetic-resonance environments of 3 Tesla or fewer
  • Low center of gravity and minimal flex due to a longer, fixed front leg in the X-Frame, a rigid C-channel running the length of the cot, and carefully engineered geometry  
  • Complete bariatric solution with 1,100-lb load capacity in the lowest position and LBS or LBS Jr. Bariatric Board compatibility 
  • Designed for roll-in loading to reduce risk of operator back injury
  • Manual backrest is easily adjustable between seven raised positions
  • Nine height positions provide patient transfer flexibility
  • Five-position drop frame shortens the cot by 15 inches for movement in confined spaces
  • Shock position raises patient’s feet for treatment of shock
  • Four 6-inch swivel wheels, each with swivel locks, increase maneuverability
  • EZ-Pull handles require less force to pull and may be pulled before operators raise or lower the cot
  • Anodized handling surfaces help keep hands and clothing clean
  • Compatible with the FERNO Model 175 Cot Fastener Series
  • Comes with plastic-buckle, cam-lock restraints
  • Reflective labeling provides nighttime visibility for added safety
  • Available in several colors and with optional personalized graphics



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