Stair Chairs & Carry Chairs

Transporting patients down stairwells calls for a medical transport chair that assists the caregiver and keeps the patient safe. FERNO manufactures sturdy, reliable stair chairs to meet every agency’s needs.

Types of Medical Transport Chairs

FERNO offers three categories of stair chairs:

Our Transcend Evacuation chair is designed for two handlers. This chair helps you quickly and safely transport a seated passenger down stairs or over flat surfaces in an evacuation situation

Our stair chair with belted tracks allows operators to “glide” the patient down the stairs. This function takes a great deal of strain off EMS personnel, which keeps patients and operators safer. Weight limit is 550 lbs. 

For the most power and durability for your dollar, your team needs the Transcend Stair Chair with POWERTraxx. Whether the patient is being transported up or down stairs, the POWERTraxx motor does all the heavy lifting so operators experience less fatigue and fewer injuries.

Choose FERNO for Your Medical Transport Chairs

For 75 years, FERNO has dedicated itself to creating the best EMS equipment on the market. We are constantly engineering and testing our products to be the safest, most stable ambulance cots and stair chairs possible.

You Deserve The Best

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