Pinnacle Titanium Rescue Litter

The world's lightest rigid stretcher for confined space rescue.

All Features and Benefits

•StratLoad™ Feature for vertical lifting
•LocSafe triple safety feature ensures connections are secure throughout any operation
•Narrow design allows for entry into and egress from most confined spaces
•HDPE netting allows water and air to pass through the patient compartment but is fine enough to minimize snagging on debris
•UHMW-PE Back Support is extremely durable and splinter-free
•All TIG welded frame construction litter
•Titanium material is extremely strong and durable
•LockSafe feature on Split-Apart Litters

Standard Features 

  • StratLoad™ feature
  • LocSafe triple safety feature


Traverse Pinnacle Titanium Rescue Litter, One Piece.........No. 0153254
Traverse Pinnacle Titanium Rescue Litter, Split Apart.......No. 0153255