Rescue Lite Full-Body Splint Kit

The new Rescue Lite full-body split was purpose designed by European wilderness rescue technicians as a means of stabilising and immobilising a patient when transporting with a basket stretcher.  

The Rescue Lite's improved shape enables full body immobilisation for all sizes of patients and also includes enhanced lifting options and capacity for patient transfer. The Rescue Lite full body splint has a reduced weight and storage space of 35% compared to an Easy Fix Vacuum Mattress.


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All Features and Benefits

Built Tough for Remote Rescues
  • Reinforced underside for durability and reduced friction
  • Robust full mattress weld, no seams or textiles for hygienic cleaning
  • Flame retardant outer materials and granules
  • Light in weight with reduced storage area for portability
  • High volume alloy vacuum pump evacuates air quickly
  • Innovative adapter-free valve fits almost all suction devices
  • Reverse air lock does not require a closing valve to maintain vacuum
  • Holds vacuum for more than 24 hours
  • Six operator handles facilitate easy lifting and transfer of patient into and out of basket stretchers
User Friendly and Safer for Operators and Patients
  • The Rescue Lite is X-Ray, MRI and CT translucent to minimise in-hospital patient handling
  • Reinforced base plate for increased spinal rigidity
  • Evenly dispersed granule chambers for optimal immobilisation
  • Head pillow supplied and suitable for use with patients without a cervical collar
  • Improved head, neck and upperback portion provides stabilisation without a cervical collar
  • X-System design patient restraints are colour coded for quick identification and feature large buckles
  • Mattress design allows for visibility of and access to the patient's ears for communication and observations

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