Immobilisation & Extrication

Ensuring You Have the Best Quality Evacuation Equipment to Rescue Patients.

Reliable equipment is essential in rescue and for emergency medical situations. For immobilisation, extrications and evacuations, your safety and success rely heavily on the quality and design of the equipment used. You can count on FERNO for dependable immobilisation devices, backboards, and splints. Respond to calls with a radiolucent Scoop EXL, which eliminates dangerous log-rolls, or the NAJO backboard, a tough, lightweight patient transport solution. FERNO’s classic head immobilisers, vacuum splints, traction splints, and the Kendrick Extraction Device help you provide superior patient care.

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Questions About FERNO’s Range of Immobilisation Equipment?

If you have questions about any FERNO equipment or accessories, you can contact us online. A FERNO Sales Consultant will be in touch as soon as possible. Or call us at 01274 854510 for immediate assistance.
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