Res-Q-Link Recovery Pole

Part #FWE2090

The Res-Q-Link is a unique and multi-functional rescue pole that allows a fast and agile means of encapsulating a suspended worker on to the Recovery/Rescue System.


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All Features and Benefits

•Large alloy double-action hook compatible with most recovery systems and allows two configurations to provide versatility when rescuing a fall victim
•Extendable from 150 cm to 280 cm (59 to 110 in)
•Fiberglass outer pole and rubber-coated handle for maximum grip and control in long reach scenarios
•Flashlight holder, for low light scenarios, which is compatible with most slim line flashlights
•Rope and web cutting knife to cut victim free once a recovery system is attached
•Additional double action hook available (Code VCT L3536201)

Standard Features

  • Res-Q-Link incorporates a web cutting knife, positioned for operational efficiency
  • Large alloy hook with torch and torch holder (torch not supplied)

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