PXB Pool eXraction Board

Part #010776700

The PXB board, developed in conjunction with RLSS UK, requires just two trained operators to carry out a pool rescue, quickly and safely, from deck-level pools or pools with a freeboard up to 30 cm in height.

Designed for the quick removal of swimmers that have got in difficulty or taken ill whilst in the pool, and also the safe immobilization and extraction of suspected spinal injury casualties.

Incorporating an Anchor mat at the head-end of the board, one operator securely holds the board to the side of the pool by kneeling on the Anchor mat and keeping the board held into the water at an angle, whilst the other operator brings the casualty onto the board, securing the casualty onto the board using the 5 restraint straps. The casualty can then be quickly and safely dragged out of the pool using the Anchor mat as a dedicated drag handle.


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All Features and Benefits

  • Provides significantly faster rescue times with only 2 operators required, 2 for a deck level pool or low freeboard, 3 recommended for high-freeboard pools
  • Minimal manual handing required
  • Color-coded X-strap system gives effective immobilisation of casualty
  • Includes head-restraint system for use with suspected spinal or head injury casualties
  • Neoprene anti-slip mat covering the length of the board, also giving a level of comfort to the casualty
  • Specially designed runners underneath the board aids the process of dragging the board out of the pool
•Certifications: CE


10 kg
Load Limit
182 kg
40 cm
4 cm
200 cm

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