Pegasus Ambulance Trolley

Ferno's Pegasus trolley is a proven versatile ambulance trolley, designed for use on vehicles with a tail-lift or ramp. It remains the lightest lift-assist trolley on the market today, encompassing an effortless hydraulic manual raise/lower system. By no means does every ambulance trolley combine optimum quality, durability and reliability. Ferno Pegasus accomplishes all of this with ease, offering exceptional simplicity of use.


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All Features and Benefits

  • For use in all A&E and PTS vehicles, fully compatible with Ferno's 2-Part Lock system
  • Smooth manoeuvrability incorporating extendable push/pull handles, wheel brakes on all 4 wheels and the option of directional wheel locks at head-end
  • Manually operated up/down lift operation utilising hydraulic raise/lower system
  • Easy access in confined areas and using lifts – both the head-end and foot-end can be folded to shorten the trolley to be able to fit through narrow spaces
  • Load capacity of 200 kg (31.5 stone, 441 lbs) in raised position, 300 kg (47 stone, 661 lbs) when in lowered position
  • IPC compliant, incorporating anti-microbial paint finish, use of Silver Biosafe harness restraints and an easy-to-clean Anti- Bacterial Pressure-Relief ABPR mattress
  • Reflective strips on top, base and X-frame rails, for increased visibility at night
  • Removable/reversible headrest
  • Compatible with Ferno Two Part Locking System
  • Tested and certified to EN 1789
For use with the following in-vehicle lock options:
  • Standard 2-Part Lock
  • LHS Operated 2-Part Lock
  • NMI 2-part Track Lock
  • LHS Operated NMI 2-Part Track Lock
  • Unwin 2-Part Track Lock
  • LHS Operated Unwin 2-Part Track Lock
  • SlideLock


65 kg
Load Limit
200 kg
57 cm
88 cm
165 cm


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