Paraguard™ Excel Rescue Stretcher

Paraguard ™ has been the official NATO rescue stretcher since WWII, and it is used extensively in underground, earthquake, and other emergency situations. It can be used for horizontal and vertical lifting and is ideal in various scenarios and situations; for underground, confined space and at-height rescue. Both lightweight and compact, the Paraguard is not only easy to carry but also easy to use and can be made ready to use in seconds. Folding in half makes it compact and easy to carry and store.


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All Features and Benefits

•Made from high-quality aluminum and materials resistant to flame, corrosion, and rotting
•Impervious to water, grease, and oils
•Color-coded casualty restraints for easy deployment
•Can be carried using four integrated side handles that clip out of the way when not in use
•Attachable head-end & foot end metal carry handles available, for 2-rescuer carrying
•Optional 4-point sling for horizontal lifting, dedicated lifting points incorporated within Paraguard’s design
•Includes head-end metal O-ring for attaching vertical lifting equipment, foot-end O–ring for connecting guide rope
•Supplied with backpack carry/storage bag
•Various accessories available, including shoulder harness, foul-weather sheet
•Certifications: NSN ref 6530-99-446-9403


11.5 kg
Load Limit
136 kg
72 cm
7.5 cm
182 cm

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