Model 205 & 206 DD Lite

Fully wrapped, carbon-fiber reinforced, aluminum-lined vessels manufactured with the highest-grade aerospace materials. Both products carry DOT regulatory certifications for design and qualification certifications. The DD-Lite® can be mounted to a FERNO 35A+, 93H, 35X, or 93-EX Squadmate™ cots and can also be mounted to the back of an EMS bicycle. The significant reduction in weight and greater capacity of these carbon-fiber vessels means you can carry more oxygen to remote locations, onboard helicopters, up flights of stairs, and in your ambulance.

Service Pressure: 3000 psi (207 bar) 
Volumetric Capacity: 200 in (3.28 liters)
Oxygen Content: @3000 psi: 717 liters, @2000 psi: 533 liters


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1.7 kg
343 mm

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