EasyFix Vacuum Mattress Range

The EasyFix Vacuum Mattress has a unique body shaped design to optimise its capabilities and to provide a 20% reduction in storage space compared to standard vacuum mattresses. 

Extracting air from the mattress enables it to mould around the patient's body and provide full body, pressure point free immobilisation for suspected vertebra, pelvis or limb trauma. 


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All Features and Benefits

  • Reinforced base plate under upper back, neck and head for superior support
  • The patient's arms and hands can be accessed to receive treatment
  • Innovative colour coded, X-frame restraints over the chest provides premium immobilisation while giving free access to the patient's torso and stomach
  • Mattress underside has three heavy duty, fire-retardant layers to protect against accidental punctures
  • Extra wide 130 cm upper body and 72 cm at foot end provides better support for larger patients
  • 10 carry handles
  • X-ray translucent
  • Easy to clean
  • Supplied with cross fixation restraint system for efficient and effective immobilisation
  • Supplied with carry bag, repair kit and high quality, aluminium pump with 700 hpa air extraction capability


9.6 kg
Load Limit
250 kg
130 cm
208 cm

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