EasyFix Child Vacuum Mattress

The Ferno Child EasyFix vacuum mattress is the most effective system for the immobilisation of paediatrics.

Incorporating a special body shape design which optimises the vacuum mattress capabilities and minimising the required storage space, the ChildEasyFix is designed for the immobilisation of children and infants up to 160 cm and higher, where an effective immobilisation can be achieved.

The Child EasyFix’s unique construction and shape delivers unparalleled immobilisation of the upper back, neck and head, reinforced with a base plate along the full length of the cervical spine.

In combination with the vacuum mattress’s easy-to-deploy restraint system,and using an X-strap system to support and create the most effective immobilisation, Ferno’s Child EasyFix is the optimum system for paediatrics.


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All Features and Benefits

  • Head, neck and upper back shaped area, with integral board for optimum C-spine immobilisation
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • X-ray, CT and MR compliant - no need to move the patient to another device for diagnostics
  • Suggested patient size from approx 90 cm up to 160cm, butalso usable outside this range if an effective immobilisation is achieved
  • Kit includes; Vacuum mattress, restraint system, footrest vacuum pump, repair kit and carry bag


5.8 kg
Load Limit
150 kg
48 cm
160 cm
4.5 cm

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