CleanPatch Starter Kit, 5 small patches, 3 Medium, 2 Large & implementation kit

CleanPatch is a clinically-proven repair system which can be used on a wide range of products, in many different applications;

  • Ambulance trolley mattresses
  • Vacuum mattresses & splints
  • Frac immobilisers
  • Damaged Ambulance vehicle seats
If you have a mattress tear, you can now fix it properly – CleanPatch allows damage such as small tears and cuts to be repaired, is easily applied in seconds using a peel-and-stick method and ensures a long-term and clinically-viable repair
Damaged Split or Vac mattress? – CleanPatch creates an immediate in-field repair of product, allowing medical intervention of the patient to be continued without the need to wait for replacement equipment to be brought in


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All Features and Benefits

  • Easy to apply – Applied and ready to use in seconds
  • Cleanable - CleanPatch is stable to long-term cleaning, including the use of cleaning agents such Hydrogen Peroxide, ammonia-based quats, bleach and other disinfectants
  • Impervious – Prevents fluids from leaking through the patch into the repaired product
  • Durability - CleanPatch has been tested and repairs shown to remain integral for over 12 months, with no evidence of failure or peeling
  • Clinically Tested - CleanPatch proven not to harbour any more organisms than the surrounding surface it was applied to, both before and after cleaning (n =720 swabs)
  • Flexibility of use – can be used on any area of a damaged product, including corners and welded seams
  • Registered Medical Device - CE Marked

Standard Features

  • Starter Kit which includes; 5 x Circle Patches, 3 x Square Patches, 2 x Rectangle Patches and implementation kit 

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