EZ-Glide® LBS Bariatric Stair Chair

Part #073132930

The EZ-Glide® LBS offers all of the benefits of the EZ-Glide tracked chair, with the addition of a strengthened non-folding chair frame, extended seat area and enhanced 4-point restraint harness for transferal of bariatric patients downstairs.
The chair is capable of moving patients up to 318kg (50 stone) in weight, and with an adjustable brake system incorporated into the design that can be increased or decreased according to patient weight and the stair angle, thereby ensuring that the patient can be safely moved down stairways, reducing the manual handing effort requred and reccuign operator injust risk.

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All Features and Benefits

  • Non-folding fixed frame chair
  • Swivel wheels for enhanced maneuverability
  • Wide seat panel (595 mm/23 in), providing more seat area and comfort
  • Max load limit of 318 kg (700 lb)
  • 4-point patient restraint harness adjustable to differing size and shapes of patient
  • Adjustable brake for controlling speed downstairs according to stair angle and patient weight
  • Strengthened and extended foot plate for enhanced patient comfort and safety
  • Cushion for improved comfort
  • Headpad for further support during transfer
  • Can be used as patient or medic seat in a vehicle with special bracket and used in conjunction with NMI Saferider and NMI Pocket Lock or floor straps

Standard Features 

  • Extended Seat Panel is 6.5 in/175 mm wider than the standard EZ-Glide®
  • 5-Position lift bar


31 kg
Load Limit
318 kg
59.5 cm
95 cm

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