Compact 5 Track Chair

The Compact 5 Track is based on the same proven design of its predecessor, the Compact 4 Track, but further improved to give better patient safety and comfort, whilst also providing enhanced operator functionality.

Featuring 4 wheels instead of 2, two small swivel wheels at the front and two larger wheels at the back, the Compact 5 Track can be easlily wheleed along the ground without the need to tip the chair on its rear wheels. Also incorporating armrests for support and comfort for the patient when wheeling along the ground

The built-in track module whch can be deployed in seconds as and when rquired allows a patient to be moved downstairs with ease.

Robust design for high usage makes this a suitable manual track chair for Patient Transport Services patient transfers, as well as for use as a more dedicated evacuation chair than the Saver Safe Evacuation chair.

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All Features and Benefits

Standard Features

  • Multi-functional - designed to be used as a carry chair, tracked stair chair and wheelchair
  • Enhanced Patient Comfort - includes hinged armrests and folding footplate
  • Added Security - chest, waist, and ankle biosafe patient restraints
  • ​Handles brilliantly in compact spaces - front castor wheels and rear braked wheels for ease of manoeuverability
  • Outstanding versatility – retractable lower grab handles and adjustable rear lifting handle to accommodate different height operators

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